Enjoy an Office That Accurately Represents Your Business by Working with Our Designers in Northwich, Cheshire

In many circumstances, the first impression customers have of your business is formed around your office buildings and workplace. Make sure that they see you as a modern, cutting-edge company by acquiring the help of Saspirella. Based in Northwich, Cheshire, our team specialise in office architecture and design, working with commercial clients in various sectors to develop stunning, efficient workspaces. Our design services are flexible; we offer a complete package, which includes full design, supply, and installation, as well as each individual service separately.

Developing the Design with You

At Saspirella we believe that, while we have been hired to design the interior, your input is absolutely crucial to perfecting the end result. That is why we provide a bespoke, one-to-one service, developing ideas with the client while helping them understand the design process. Each aspect of the design will be discussed, helping to create a unique workspace that incorporates any individual requests. Our team also work with a number of signage companies, meaning we can also design and create tailored graphic solutions.

Encapsulating Your Brand

One of the most unique aspects of our work is the ability to encapsulate what your brand represents in the design. No matter whether you are a beautician, hairdresser, supermarket, or estate agent, your office or workplace will be unmistakably yours.

A Comprehensive Design Process

To start the design process, our team carry out a complete survey of your existing workspace before creating drawings that are representative of the rooms. This gives us a platform on which to plan the new space. We will then develop sample boards defining potential finishes and design ideas, and work with you to select the most appropriate suggestions. After the selections have been made, we will provide an illustration of the area, before further developing the design and giving the contractor a detailed drawing of the office. After decisions have been made on the most cost-effective design aspects, the contractor will begin to plan the job. The final stage of the design process involves our team building a maintenance information pack and an as-built drawing package, both of which are given to you to help you look after your new workspace.

Working within Your Budget

Throughout the design process we will do our utmost to stay within the confines of your budget while also meeting your specific needs. Our designers are capable of working to affordable costs without sacrificing on the quality of your interior.

Highly Accredited and Certified

Saspirella is both CHAS and SMAS accredited, meaning that we follow the necessary standards and regulations to uphold health and safety during our designs. Our company is also one of the few that is capable of acting as a principal designer under the 2015 CDM regulations.

Our Past Projects

Over the years we have undertaken a large number of exceptional projects, yielding stunning results. Follow the links below to see images of our previous work for yourself:

Reception and Café for John Lewis™

Office Suites for John Lewis

Executive Lounge for John Lewis

Workspaces for John Lewis

School Staff Room

Hotel Bar and Reception

Hotel Interiors

Office Suite for Waitrose™

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